Robert A. Rossi

Via Priva 20, Como 22100 Italy

Italy mobile: +39 392 5323953


My objective is to work where my previous experience can be used at its best. The combination of the technical background and the creative aspects of my nature always allowed me to be of great value to my employers, colleagues and customers.

My proficient communication skills in English and Italian allow me to fully interact with customers and suppliers internationally. It is my intention to learn Maltese, as languages are of great interest to me.

At the moment I am working as full time independent consultant with the “Morosini Group” (Morosini srl, La Torre Giochi srl, The Bet Srl, Nivami and Jolly planet) in italy as senior consultant for I.T. development and maintenance, Research and Development. At the same time I continue to pursuit my other interests and skills as Relational Rounselor, Vocal Coach and Musical Theater Singer, Actor and Author.


Electronic designer with 30 years experience in custom design and production, including:

  • Sport Training Equipment: design of computer based system to enhance performance through multisensorial stimulation

  • Spa and Health custom designs: multisensorial systems for full immersion relaxation through sound, aromas and visuals.

  • Design of new generation domotic systems for home and industry.

  • Gaming design for theme parks and kid’s amusement facilities.

  • Atmel® Microcontroller expert.

  • Reverse-engineering to improve efficiency, cost, and performance.

  • Speech synthesis and Audio/Visual distribution systems.

Computer expert with publishing experience in:

  • Book Illustration as 3D Graphic Designer and Illustrator for FIBA (Italian fed. of American basketball): 3D models of the field for the "Guide to Basketball Facilities" (1996)

  • Several pubblications in the arts, event catalogs, city events, merchandise catalogs.

  • Project documentation with Serif Suite / Adobe Suite / Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Hypertext design as Project Manager for "HyperMedia Como" (Italy). Multimedia CD-ROM production about Como's history and lifestyle for tourist promotion.

  • Audio and video recording techniques: digital editing, video filming, image capture and enhancement, compression, post-production.

  • Software authoring as executive developer for the Italian computer magazine VIDEOBASIC in 1984.

Full process CAD oriented electronic designer and prototyper:

  • Experienced and proficient in electronic laboratory as PCB design, development, assembling and troubleshooting prototypes through CadSoft Eagle 6 after, Orcad 3 and Smartwork®

  • Full production Electronic Prototyper skilled in THT and SMD assembly, both hand and machine made.

  • Efficient in interfacing CAD through file format exchange and conversion.


Freelance Multimedia and Internet designer and Production Engineer

  • Graphic Design, Photography, Internet Web-site, and Multimedia as Multimedia Executive Producer for "Gnomi,Italy": virtual reality animation for store remodeling projects, 100 pages 4-color catalog with over 100 pictures, multimedia catalog on CD-ROM (Italian & English) including packaging design, slide shows and videotape presentations, brochures for commercial promotion and advertisement. WebSite at with complete product line.

  • Webmaster for TR International Inc. (

  • Webmaster for local business such as

  • Computer Animation for TARJAN Italy: computer presentations for advertisement.

  • 3D modeling for production prototypes, store remodeling and advertisement (3DStudio R4).

  • Designer for,,,

  • Production Engineer for Bering M.U.M.C: recorded and produced masters for concert recordings in Italy and graphic layout for Compact Discs and Video Productions of the 2001, 2003,and 2006 Concert Tours in Italy.

  • Promotion Manager for local artists such as Michelangelo Nari, Brian Bullard, Julia Kay.

High School Teacher with 9+ years of experience, private school teacher and personnel trainer in:

  • Communication and Media, Promotion and Event Design, Liceo Licos, Pavia 2009-2010

  • Computer Science, Interfacing , Math, Calculus, and Statistics at "I.T.I.S. M.Cumacini, Como, Italy" specialized high school: Basic, Z80, Debug, Networking.

  • Office Administration at the nursing home for the elderly "Casa di Riposo" Lomazzo, Italy: developing strategies for office work improvement, database management, administration, work shifts planning.

  • Problem analysis and Software development from: DOS to MS-Windows, HTML, Database, and online solutions - Most major software packages for PC.

Executive event coordinator and promoter:

  • Founder of “IdeaNove”: an international non-profit organization for the promotion of educational exchange programs—President since 2002.

  • Event designer for the Interational Operatic Competition “Alfredo Giacomotti” – 8 editions

  • Graphic designer for Festival Ultrapadum 2011

  • Event designer for Intropa Tours USA – Hosted 30 performing tours since 2001 – Managed and coordinated over 120 musical dates. (2001-2008)

  • Producer of “IdeaVoce”, a 5-week voice coaching program for the promotion of American Musical Theater in Italy with Dr. Kimberle Moon and Rob Seible. (2008)

  • Producer of “Speranza”, an educational exchange project to promote the Italian language in the USA through music, including full production of the associated CD sung by Michelangelo Nari

  • President of INTERCULTURA / AFS (Como office - two years term 1989) Managing exchange student selections, revising handbook for orientations and local chapters operations, coordinating the search and match between candidates and host families—Vice President for two years prior to presidency

 Professional singer and author:

  • Written and directed several musical theater reviews, concerts and one-man-shows both in Italy and in America, alongside prestigious local stars such as Julia K. Laskowski, Patty Rabaza, Jerry Atwell, Sharon Montgomery, Marsha Carlton, Ellen Reynolds, Roger Woest, Michelangelo Nari, Abby Seible, Kimberle Moon, Boaz Senator, Silvia Felisetti, Milo Martani.

    • “C’era Due Volte l’Eden” – adaptation and original work on Mark Twain’s “The Diaries of Adam and Eve” and “The Apple Tree” by Jerry Boch and Sheldon Harnick.
    • deadbook - the New AntiSocial-Network Musical”.
    • NOTUS: Night of the Undead Stars”: original work.
    • Dumbphones”: original work in progress for a one-madness-show
  • “Lugano Sposi” – Live singing for the wedding fashion show expo 2015.
  • Actor, graphic designer and promotion executive for “Buchenwald Tosca”, Genova 2011
  • Co-Executive producer of “United We Stand” – Licos 2010

Training and personal data:

  • Master I and II in Counseling at Oceano Sintesi school of Counseling and Metacorporea® (Milano).

  • 3 Year Degree in Relational Counseling working now as a freelance counselor.

  • Coach in Anatomy and Physiology of the voice with Dr. Kimberle Moon at William Carey University, Mississippi, USA

  • B.S. in Electronic Technology achieved in 1998 with three years of professional experience

  • Associate in App. Science in Elect. Eng. Technology / Biomedical Electronics from Houston Community College GPA 3.92.

  • Internship as Biomedical Technician at Texas Children’s Hospital - Houston, TX

  • Associate in Applied Science in Networking from Houston Community College - GPA 3.96.

  • 2-Year Technical High School diploma in Computer Science from I.T.I.S. Magistri Cumacini, Como Italy 1985.

  • 3-Year Professional High School diploma in Electronics from I.P.S.I.A. Ripamonti Como Italy 1983.

  • Degree in Music Theory at the CONSERVATORIO DI ALESSANDRIA, Italy 1982.

  • Native Italian, fluent in both Italian and English - fair knowledge of French and German.

Work Summary

2017 to present Technical Consultant for TheBet s.r.l

2015 to present

Counselor Metacorporeo Relazionale – Helping people reach higher quality standards through personal discovery and trauma recovery.

2010 to present

Co-organizer of the International Operatic Competition “Alfredo Giacomotti” for Festival Ultrapadum.


Teacher, Marketing Designer and Vocal department specialist at Liceo Licos, Pavia

2008 to present

Vocal and Stage Coach – Specialized in Anatomy and Physiology of the vocal tract and the interaction with the nervous system, helping people take control of their speaking and singing voice.

2002 to present

Professional Singer for stage productions, cabaret and special events.

2002 to present

Electronic Designer for Planning & Doing, Giochi Preziosi, Playmart,

2002 to present

Senior I.T. manager and Tech Problem solver at Morosini and La Torre Giochi, The Bet Srl, Nivami Snacks, Jolly Planet: developing strategies for easier management of computer networks.

2002 to present

Freelance Electronic and Multimedia Designer

2001 to 2012

Italian Representative Event Coordinator for INTROPA TOURS / Imperial Connection

2000 to 2001

Lab aide at Houston Community College

1996 to present

Freelance Web designer - designed web sites for GNOMI, TRinternational,DC Nutrition, and more.

1990 to 1996 Senior electronic designer at “GEAR elettronica” - custom designed and optimized commercial and industrial production. Milan, Italy

1992 to present

Freelance graphic and multimedia designer - authored and produced catalogs, multimedia presentations, and special projects. - Como, Italy

1987 to 1996

Certified technical practical teacher at High School for Computer Science I.T.I.S M.Cumacini -  taught Computer Science, Design, Programming, Interfacing, Math, Statistics, and Calculus. Como, Italy


Office Administration and I.T. Specialist at “Casa Albergo di Lomazzo” - computerized office procedure, designed database software (DBIII) and Qbasic applications. Como, Italy


Pianist and entertainer--worked seasonally as piano player. Corvara, Como, Milano - Italy


Tourist resort entertainer--worked for a 6-months season as entertainer and actor. Porto Heli - Greece


References available upon request.