I LOVE MY Classic DVD-40!!!
It is the best DVD player I have used so far for an absolutelly incredible price!
Here's the story. I saw the advertisement for this unit at BrandsMart (Florida). It was sold for $48. Believe it or not. Of course it looked like bait-n-switch to me. But I did go to the store and bought one. They had hundreds in stock. After I got it home I looked at it and started feeling better and better about it. It's slim, light weight, and it promises to play MP3 files too. WOW.
IT DOES. It plays DVDs, AudioCDs, MP3, SVCD and God only knows, slices of Bologna too. This units played DVD roms that other players would not even recognize. It played a DVD that would not even load in any DVD player on my computer, not to mention the conventional TV units.
And do you know what?
It's 100-240VAC compatible, and it's PAL and NTSC compatible, meaning it plays to both PAL and NTSC televisions (or VCRs for that matter).
I love the menus. It allows me to even set the brightness and contrast of the picture and change the volume. It does play MP3 flawlessly. the only thing that could be improved is the way files are listed as 7 chars titles... that could have been made a little friendlier. Oh, but what the hell?
Now, the only downside of it is that there seemed to be no hint on the net about changing region settings or disabling the annoying macrovision. I have an old TV that hates macrovision. The top of the screen just bends and the picture turns dark and bright intermittently just like it is supposed to happen if you try to make a tape of a protected DVD of VHS. Well, you know what? I want to be able to watch the DVDs I buy on whatever TV I want, and so it is war to macrovision.
I had to open the unit and find the Eeprom chips to discover something interesting. There is an ALI M5705 chip on which you can find documentation easily on the web, and the software code is V56S 2.03. With that in mind I just typed in V56s and ... surprise! Plenty of results about both region settings and macrovision.
The unit is sold otherwise by Mustek as V56, V560, and the modification is as simple as it could be.
Get the remote in your hands and follow along. Nothing could be easier:
make sure there is no disc inside (actually, as long as you are in STOP mode, it works just fine even with a disc loaded); wait until the unit is idle (no disc) or at least it's not trying to load a disc.
  1. press setup
  2. press NEXT PREV NEXT PREV on the remote until ver 1 (ore ver 2,3,4) shows up
  3. Now press The left arrow key (the blue buttons around the red one) on the remote and change to 255 for all regions enabled
DONT EXIT THE SETUP MODE, we'll just keep going...
  1. Press the UP arrow to show VER 4001
  2. press the RIGHT arrow to change it to VER 4000
  3. Press the UP arrow to show VER 3001
  4. press the righ arrow to change it to VER 3000
NOW YOU CAN EXIT by pressing SETUP twice.
You're all set. Your player will now play anything and macrovision will be disabled. Just remember: whatever you do, you do at your own liability...
My suggestion: If you ever run across any more of these little wonders, don't hesitate; and if the price is right, buy as many as you can. They'll make a great gift for anybody.