A harmless example of surviving the modern world of specialization.

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  • Electronic Designer

  • Tech Trainer

  • Singing Showman

  • Writer

  • Illustrator

  • Relational Counselor

  • Vocal Couselor

  • Tour Creator

I was born with an extremelly curious mind which is seldom idle, and that is my only excuse for having explored such diverse areas.
Industries, but also artists and common people, sometimes need new stuff to do something for them: from simple gadgets to complex systems of automation. If these can be built with electronics, I design the solution from scratch, using elementary components, or with modules already invented by someone else. I think it's fun and creative just like writing a song or painting a picture.
I used to program computers when I was very young; pretty much when it was still healthy -- that is before the advent of Microsoft and such. Now I let other masochists program for me.
I studied Electronic Engineering Technology in Houston, TX and graduated with specialties in Networking and Biomedical.
Not everybody is tech oriented, not everybody knows what is available "out there" in this ever expanding world of technology. I help people by teaching them what I know in simple ways. As my first official job, I was a State High School teacher for 9 years, and I am still working as a private consultant.
I sing. I love to sing. I sing all the time, sometimes in my sleep. I love musical theater the most because of its symphonic nature (actually, that's true only for the shows I love...) and for it's cleverness. I also love theater because it's live and alive, in the present and ever unique.
I write my own sketches and sometimes even my own songs. You can see some of my posters, but they're just a few.
Writer As I mentioned above, I write my own stuff, and sometimes I write short stories and parodies. My funniest yet I think is the second act of "Twice Upon a Garden" or in Italian "C'era due volte l'Eden". I have adapted the first act from the musical "The Apple Tree" and added a reasonable conclusion to the oldest story in the world. I am currently working on "Phone Calls From the Unlikely". Another project on the run is "NOTUS" with my best buddies from the U.S. of A.
If I were less sensitive to criticism, I guess I would have tried a career as a stand-up comedian, but I get tired standing up, and I would make very little money as a lay-down comedian.
Still, I love to make people laugh. Even at my very own expenses. So I often write about my life.
Illustrator I started with 3d renderings of furniture, than animations about assembling them, then onto a  Basketball facility manual for FIBA, catalogs, and many pieces of artwork for events, concerts and artists. Recently I have turned to anatomy drawings for my vocal workshops. I do all the layouts for my events.
In 2017 I will have completed the second master level in counseling after 4 years of courses. Our approach to restoring the balance and well-being is mostly through the wisdom of the body over the confusion of the mind. As counselors from Oceano Sintesi Institute of Metacorporea, we attentively listen to our clients and avoid using judgment or personal interpretation in their exposition. We use the para verbal language of the body to suggest areas of interest to be explored, we allow our clients to fully express their emotions, and we support them in living the experiences which will inevitably produce a healing transition to a higher quality of life.
With a degree in music theory and a passion for musical theater, I have created the IdeaVoce project to bring renowned American vocal gurus to Italy and later studied with them to teach Anatomy and Physiology of the Vocal Tract and Vocal Production. Along with a degree in Metacorporeal Counseling, I help singers and actors optimize the use of their body in the arts through proper breathing and the management of the responses of the Autonomic Nervous System.
I began creating custom tours for Americans visiting Italy and started ideanove.org to support Intropa Tours of Houston and Vienna.  Between the years 2001 and 2010 we have hosted over 55 performances and welcomed some 750+ American singers and dancers in independent festivals.
We have also offered many students the opportunity to spend time in the U.S. as part of exchange programs in high schools and colleges.
Still to this day, as president of IdeaNove, I manage to co-produce an international operatic competition which awards cash prizes and concert dates to singers worldwide.
Hobbies Well... you'd think I would not have time for hobbies at this point, but that's not true. I figure that this category includes everything I'm still practicing without making it a profession.
Here I can place my instinctual attitude for massage and holistic treatments. I play piano for fun and compose modern tracks for meditation. I also dwell in experimental brain entrainment and biofeedback, guided visualizations and various relaxation techniques.
Blending my experience in biomedical, electronics, music, and counseling, I enjoy experimenting with gym equipment to design music programs for body and mind synergy toward enhanced training.
When I find the time I still like to cook.