Cast and Crew

Julia Kay

Judie, Patsy, Maria, Jackie ...

Julia Kay has performed with every prominent theater in Houston, Texas.
She sang the title role in "Always... Patsy Cline" for 18 months - the longest running musical ever in Houston and again in Iowa and at the Texas Repertory Theater in North Houston. She is a graduate of California Institute of the Arts, where she began her carreer as an opera singer.
Julia also performs in Italy in such shows as "Il Mito di Broadway" and "Il Musical Dei Musicals, come non li avete mai visti prima", "Broadway, Blues and Love Songs", "A Spoonful of Musicals", and special guests in "Crossing Lives" with her long time friend: Robert Rossi.

She is a international vocal coach in American Musical Theater and opera, and she sports an appareance in the movie "The Life of David Gale" by Alan Parker with Kevin Spacey.
Julia is also a veteran comedian and co-author along with Patty rabaza of their own show series, including "Country Gravy, and other obsessions", "Christmas Gravy", "Husband Fixin' 101"

Julia on

Mark X

Frank, Bing, Gordon, Bobby, Jerry, Elvis, John...

Mark is an American voice actor, known for many roles in anime dubs for ADV Films and Seraphim Digital/Sentai Filmworks, such as Shinpachi Shimura from Gintama the Movie, Kobungo Inuta from Hakkenden, Kota Hirano from Highschool of the Dead and K from Puni Puni Poemi.

He is also an established musical theater actor who played Guys & Dolls, The Fantasticks, Forever Plaid, The best little whorehouse in Texas, Oklahoma, Assasins and many more in Texas, in the United States and in Europe

Mark is also a set designer and a passionate drummer in his spare time.

 Voice Convention

Robert A. Rossi

Notus Briguglio, X, Elaine...

Robert is an international showman who also wrote most of his shows and reviews.
He's appeared in a number of producions since the '80s after beginning his artistic carreer in Greece.
In Italy and in the United States he's hosted shows throughout the years, introducing, supporting and sometimes slapping in the face his acting partners, that is with the best intensions, of course!

His international dates included: Apollo Beach (Porto Heli, 1987)
Let the Piano Roll (Italy 1988 - 1992), Scemo 2! (Italy, 1989),The Dining Room (USA, 1997)
Kama Sutra (USA, 2001), The Queen's Garden (Italy, 2006), Il Mito di Broadway (Italy, 2009)
Broadway, Blues and Love Songs (Italy, 2009), Bardolino Broadway (Italy, 2009), Il Musical dei Musicals (come non li avete mai visti prima) (Italy, 2011), Musical Tonight! (Italy, 2012), Crossing Lives (USA, 2012), Buchenwald Tosca (Italy, 2013), Souvenir D'Italie (youtube) (Italy, 2013-2014), A Spoonful of Musical (USA, 2015), C'era due volte l'Eden.

He writes and adapts musical theater songs into English and Italian for mixed audiences.

Robert is currently writing "Dumbphone", a one-madman-show about progress, technology and the meaning of life beyond smartphones. In 2019 he has completed "Deadbook - the new anti-social-network musical", and he's eager to see it on stage ASAP.