Ilaria Antinori

Iím Ilaria Antinori. Iím twenty years old and I come from Novafeltria, a little town in the centre of Italy. Iím attending the second year at the fashion university in Rimini, where I live with two Erasmus (International exchange program) girls that Iíve met in September. I get on well with them (they are really friendly), but Iíd better come back home and live with my family, my parents and my two sisters Rossella and Aurora. I also prefer my little town because of my friends and my boyfriend Alessandro. Here in Rimini I donít have many friends, maybe because I never go out! In the morning I follow my university lessons, in the afternoon I go to my dance school where I work hard for three hours a day and in the evening I usually study. So I donít have a lot of spare time  and even when I have it Iím too tired to go out! On Friday I teach dancing in a gym in San Marino and on Saturday in Novafeltria in my old dance school. Iíve been dancing since I was five years old: maybe I donít have to say how much I love it! When I was a child I had to go swimming because the doctor thought it was the most suitable sport for me, but I hate swimming and Iím also frightened of water! I have three cats, Selvaggia (it means wild), Batuffolina and Giulietta (like Romeo and Giuliette) that I love, and a dog, but Iím afraid of it (or him..!). On Saturday nights Iíd love going to the disco but often I give up because Alessandro donít like dancing. My favourite singer is Vasco Rossi.


In 1993 (when I was 6 years old) I started attending the primary school, which lasts five years. After three years at the junior high school, I attended the high school specializing in foreign languages (French, German and English). Then, two years ago, I matriculated. Iím attending the fashion university (which is a humanities branch).

I have been dancing since I was 5 years old. Iíve always studied classical ballet. At the age of 14 I started studying funky and contemporary dance and four years later I began to study jazz technique.

This year I started teaching jazz and classical dance as assistant.

I took part in stages with Philip Beamish, Evelyn Hart, Deanna Carter, Steve La Chance and Adam Parson.

I also took part in some shows in Romagna, San Marino and Marche.

In February 2008 I started attending an evening musical course with Simona Meriggi and Andrea Ascari.

Dancing I Hope I Get It
Singing My Heart Will Go On
Dance Impro Too Darn Hot