penelope pezzotta
Hello! I'm Penelope Pezzotta and I'm fifteen. I live in Gazzaniga near Bergamo with my father and my mother. During the week I live in Pavia with Sara (she is a university student) because I study there. Now I'm attending the second year at the high school called "Licos".
I often travel around Italy and I love travelling in new spaces, but I sometimes enjoy when I go back home because there are my parents, my friends and my cats!
When I was five, I started to dance following R.A.D. method.
Four years later I started to dance modern jazz and I stopped ballet too. When I was ten I found my true passion: the hip hop music and dance. Now I'm fifteen and I already finished the 3 years "Mc Hip Hop School" (teachers Marisa Ragazzo and Omid Ighani).
For two years I attend the "Urban Dance Academy" to improve my technique in streetjazz and house dance.For a year and half  I'm part of a crew called "Le clan banlieue".
We partecipate in a lot of contests.
Over 2008 we have classified in fourth place in the cruisin's "Street jam contest".
There is another thing I love to do: sing. Last year when I started my experience in Licos High School I could begin to study singing. My first teachers was Francesco Lori and Viviana Presutti. At the moment I'm studing with Barbara Prete too. In the last show of my school I was assigned as a solo singer.
Last July I partecipated in 5-days-lessons of Rob Seible and Kimberly Moon in Rimini.
At school we do classical subjects and artistic subjects. In the morning we usually study Greek, Latin, Italian, English, Maths, Science, History and Religion. In the afternoon we sing, we dance and we act. We also study the history of dance, music and theatre.
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