My name is Lorenzo and I'm 20 years old. I live in Porto Garibaldi with my father, my mother and my sister. When I was eighteen I began to study dance in my small town. I love dancing; when I have been dancing I feel a fire inside of me... a thunder in my heart, and when I'm not a feel myself incomplete. I'm grateful my dance teacher, I'm fond of her!!! I study economics at the university, I attend the second year. I love animals, I have a cat called gray. I've  friends, some of them are married and other, the same of my age no. I love singing but I never study that.
Very well..i hope to write a sitisfactory letter and I'm sorry for my mistakes. I promise to improve my english in these months.
September 2001 - july 2006  High school diploma (A  level equivalent)
From october 2006 to april 2008 attending the second year I study at the university of economics and business management and financial broking - Main subject: business management, finance, english, management and cost accounting, and other.
I play guitar

October 2005:I began to study dance when a was 18, at the Sara Parmiani?s School called Gruppo danza città di comacchio, where I studied classic dance, modern-jazz and musical.
March 2006:I attended a classic dance lessons with the dancer called Luigi Celani (Rome ballet) and during that experience i overcame the examination giving the best results(10/10).
Since 2006 I had a lot of dance lessons whit: Mauro Mosconi, Alex d?Orsay, Pino Vela, Antonio Olrlando, Stive la Chance, Michele Oliva, Jason Parson, Wes Veldink, Billi Goodson, Silvio Oddi, André de la Roche, Garrison Rochelle, Brian Bullard, Margherita Parrilla.
2006 I reached the second place during the show called Danza Dance Competition in Massa Carrara. In that occasion Gruppo danza comacchio and me represented the famous musical ?Notre dame de Paris? in which I play the role of ?Quasimodo?
2008  I won aid grand during Musical Day Competition in Florence. This was my first competition as dancer.
January 2008 ? March 2008 I worked as dancer in a Fiordaliso concert. A famous italian singer.
Dancing Roxanne (Moulin Rouge)
Singing Through the Barricades (Spandau Ballett) -- skip to the middle of the video
Dance Impro Too Darn Hot (Kiss Me Kate)